In the begining............. 11.15.2007

For years my children have shaken their collective heads and figured that I am a 'technophobe' but today I have entered the 21st century!

1. On 11/16/07 most of my works will be on display at 601 Short St. in Lexington, KY.  Several Bourbon County artists will have the opportunity to take part (as an extension) in the Lexington Gallery Hop thanks to Mary Anne Inman's wonderful enthusiasm. Due to her sponsorship we will be showing our work from 5pm - 8pm at her building.  Thank you Mary Anne!!

2. On 11/30/07 the catered opening of my month-long show at Central Bank in Lexington KY will occur from 4:30p.m. - 6:00p.m.  Every month Central Bank sponsors a local artist as a public service.  Please plan to attend this opening and many thanks to Central Bank of Lexington!

3.  After the holidays look out for new works - I have lots of ideas and the urge to work on them.  

4. I want to thank the following
    a.  Murray West for his wonderful photograghs that have opened my artistic floodgates (if that doesn't sound too corny) but mostly for his and Roberta's enthusiasm.  You got me really going!
    b. The 'Friday Night Group" for their continued encouragement and support - it means so much!
    c. My children have all been behind me all the way and have had to listen to me chatter on about my 'art'.
    d. All of my friends and family who have encouraged me for years!

Mostly I want to thank my husband, Al, who gave me the chance to indulge in my urge to "draw", I depend on his unflagging honesty and love.