As a wife and mother of four, living in the horse country of Kentucky, I have just recently entered the commercial world of art as our nest empties.  When I was a young adult my mother suggested that I find a career that was more down to earth than art and as a result I graduated from Colorado State University with a degree in forest/grassland management.  Even though I have never taken an art class past the 7th grade there was no denying my deep urge to create art.  I can not remember a time when a blank sheet of paper and a sharp pencil did not call me to fill it with doodles and sketches.
     My goal in any of my works is to capture the emotions the subject invokes in me, the heart throbbing power of a horse after a race, the lifelong worries and joys of an old man, the tenderness of a mother and her baby.  I have no favorite medium to work in, feeling that each one has its own rewards.  Pencil can create a picture that brings out the qualities of the subject, but allows the viewer to fill in the colors.  Pastels can make a drawing seem alive.  I use acrylics for eye-popping attention.  The bright colors can add an additional dimension to the picture, a cool headed jockey in shades of green and blue on a red hot horse, a calm mare and foal in blues and greens or the colorful horse with the most will to win, out shining its grey competitors.
     The need to create is still strong in me and I am excited about the future .  Each new project teaches me something and enlarges my imagination.  I look forward to many new pieces.